Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Great article about Ron Paul

Aspen Daily News | Aspen, Colorado

The last part of the article spoke to me since I'm a computer person.

Haven't heard of Ron Paul? Fire up your computer and join the revolution. (Best hurry, the bastards are working day and night to gain control over the Internet and when they do, the party is over.)

This is so true.  If you don't know you need to know.  All the big telecoms and cable companies want to control the net.  Yep it's call net neutrality and it's evil!  Here's what wikipedia has to say about it.

Since the early 2000s, advocates of Net Neutrality rules have warned of the danger that broadband providers will use their power over the "last mile" to block applications they do not favor, and also to discriminate between content providers (i.e. websites, services, protocols), particularly competitors. Neutrality proponents also claim that telecom companies seek to impose the tiered service model more for the purpose of profiting from their control of the pipeline rather than for any demand for their content or services.

Who knows maybe if this gets passed there will be no more wikipedia? hm.

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