Monday, June 18, 2007

Here's what you can do to help Ron Paul!

Just got this via email. Thought I would spread the word!

Ron Paul spoke to supporters in Phoenix on Saturday and he briefly laid out the plan.

1. Sign up with the campaign at
2. Get into your local meetup groups
3. Donate money for TV advertising, spread the message at grassroots
4. Vote in straw polls, then primary election
WE ARE THE CAMPAIGN so we have our initiative straight from the top. Given this, I'll embellish on Dr. Paul's list.

1. Sign up with the campaign at, register as a republican.

2. Get you and a friend to join or start the local meetup group. This is important because it's our version of a local campaign headquarters.

3. Donate what you can to the Paul campaign. Derive profit from DVDs, t-shirts, stickers, etc. and use it to produce more Ron Paul promotional material and donations to the campaign.

4. Research how to become elected as GOP delegates in your state. If we don't get pro-Paul delegates he won't be nominated by the GOP and this show is over. We should start thinking about who we're going to tap for these roles by December. See the link below for more.

How to become a delegate in your state:

5. Generate as many Ron Paul Republican voters as possible. Get your primary plan together. Get an advance look at your ballot and make sure everybody knows how to mark the stupid thing. Make sure everyone knows where to vote, make sure everyone has a ride.

6. The primaries begin in January with the early states Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Florida. Naturally, we'll want to focus all the national or regional power we have on those states because we'll make the most national impact. From there it's pretty much a train-wreck. I don't think the top-tier campaigns are going to be any better organized than we are this time. Not if we do our jobs now.

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