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November 5th - Donate $100!

I really like this idea and plan to partake!

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Mega-RP Rally in Philadelphia! Oh Yeah! Nov 10 | Ron Paul 2008 Revolution - Ron Paul for President - Daily Paul

Mega-RP Rally in Philadelphia! Oh Yeah! Nov 10 | Ron Paul 2008 Revolution - Ron Paul for President - Daily Paul

Sorry everyone.  Been sick and haven't had my PC for over a week!  Hopefully everything is fixed!

Just trying to spread the word about this event!  Looks like a ton of fun.  If you can't go I would strongly recommend donating to the campaign!

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Ron Paul Betting Odds Could be Impacted by New Voting Rules

Ron Paul Betting Odds Could be Impacted by New Voting Rules

I'm a Ron Paul fan and I think it is incredibly sad that some states are deciding to close their primaries to only registered Republicans so close to their cut off date and the primaries.  Why are they doing this?  Who know what their real intentions are.  However, it sure does seem interesting with the growing popularity of Ron Paul and the opposing views he has with the established candidates that states are just now deciding to close their voting to Republicans. 

Either click the link above to read the story or you can just read it below!

Ron Paul Betting Odds Could be Impacted by New Voting Rules

Voting Rules Changed at Last Minute Will Shut out Votes for 2008 US Presidential candidate Ron Paul, according to Special Contributor Jennifer Reynolds.  Ms. Reynolds regularly reports on the Ron Paul campaign for the website.  Dr. Paul, as many of you already know, is opposed to the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) and there are many in the online gambling space who would love to see him get elected into office next year.

But it turns out his own party is going to make this an even more difficult task. 

"Many states, in an effort to shut out Ron Paul are now closing their primaries," reports Reynolds.  "That means that only Republicans can vote in the Presidential primaries for a Republican candidate."

And this could have a tremendous impact on Ron Paul betting odds, though probably not in the next few weeks.  Ron Paul odds were slashed to 6 to 1 over this past weekend, making him a bigger favorite than Mitt Romney.

Jennifer Reynolds article in its entirety appears below.  Remember to follow all the latest cutting edge Ron Paul news as it pertains to Presidential betting odds at, your political betting news headquarters.   Add us to your favorite websites.


Ron Paul's popularity bridges the gap between all groups.  He is truly a bi-partisan politician.  Republicans like him, Libertarians like him, Independents are supporting him as well as many Democrats who see his small government, anti-war stance as attractive. 

Ron Paul is the first person in decades to have so many diverse groups support him.  It is easy to see why:  he believes in freedom and liberty for all.  That includes the liberty to not have to go to war and the liberty to keep your entire paycheck.  Only days ago he introduced the Tax Free Tips Act because by taxing tips, the IRS punishes workers for "doing a superior job."  People in this country are fed up with being lied to and stolen from.  They want the war over with and they want it ended NOW. 

Ron Paul is fast becoming the only candidate in either party to pledge to end the war.  People in general are sick of having no power to do anything and the majority of Americans believe that things are going to get worse for them in the coming years, not better.  But Ron Paul offers hope to change all of that.  He is truly the only man for the people.  What is so amazing that so many Democrats, Independents and Libertarians are planning on voting for him.  For those of you that fall into that class, the established Republicans do not want you to do that and are changing rules as we speak to try to shut you out at the voting window. 

Many states, in an effort to shut out Ron Paul are now closing their primaries.  That means that only Republicans can vote in the Presidential primaries for a Republican candidate.  Many states are doing this quickly and quietly and giving people very little time to learn about the new rules.  For example,  New Hampshire decided only a week ago that you will now have to change your party affiliation by October 12, 2007 or it will be too late to do so.  New Hampshire also has a closed primary and only Republicans and possibly Independents will be allowed to vote for Ron Paul. 
In New York, you must be registered as a Republican or you cannot vote for Ron Paul and again, you must make this decision by October 12, 2007 or it will be too late.  In New York, however, Independents cannot vote for Ron Paul.   Same with New Jersey and many states around the nation.  I hesitate to give you a link to a site that has correct information about voting in all 50 states because I have yet to find one that does not have an error and besides, this information is changing daily, as Ron Paul gains momentum.  The people in power are doing their best to shut out the multitude of voices that want to vote for Ron Paul.  If you are a Ron Paul supporter, or even thinking about becoming a Ron Paul supporter, please become a registered Republican immediately so that no matter what your state does to change the rules out from under you, you will still be allowed to vote for this great man. 
All of these arbitrary deadlines are designed to keep a candidate such as Ron Paul from gaining momentum and making a last minute push.  Effectively, Ron Paul has until October 12, 2007 to get as many Democrats, and others to switch sides in key states like New York and New Hampshire, or they will not be able to vote for Ron Paul in the primaries.  That means that the people in power have shortened the Ron Paul campaign to less than two weeks with the stroke of a pen!  The Ron Paul campaign now has less than two weeks to teach people about his candidacy and his policies.  As of this moment, in New Hampshire you may be registered as an Independent and still vote for Ron Paul.  Not so in New York.  In New York you must be a registered Republican by October 12, to vote for Ron Paul (Independents cannot vote in the primaries at all).  However, for those of you in New Hampshire reading this, I wouldn't trust that come election day the rules won't have been changed on you again.  To be safe, make sure your voter registration card says Republican. 
So, all of you sitting on the fence folks, the fence is about to crumble beneath you and you will not have the ability to affect the election at all.  The rules are changing all over the place for Independents.  Now, if you are an Independent in New York or Arizona or New Jersey and many other states you will not be allowed to vote in any primary at all.  You will only be able to sit on the sidelines and watch as other people decide for you who your choices are.  So get busy!   Hurry up and re-register.
In another effort to stem the rising tide of Ron Paul supporters California this week just announced that they too would close their Presidential Primary, again shutting out Independents.  (Despite the fact that the voters of California voted on March 26, 1996 to be make it an open primary state).  So, once again, unless you are a registered Republican you cannot vote for Ron Paul if you live in California.  The only good news, is that as of this moment, the deadline to change your registration is January 21, 2008.  However, I would not depend on that. If it looks like Ron Paul might win, they could move that date up too.  So don't put this off. 
Arizona pulled a sneaky move on its voters.  Arizona is an open primary state.  That means that anyone can vote in any race - except, and here is the catch, in the Presidential Primary.  How can they get away with that?  Because, they don't actually call the Presidential Primary a primary at all, it is now officially called a Presidential Preference Election.  So, with that new name comes new rules.   Arizona actually did this many years ago, but most of Arizona's residents are unaware of this rule.  As a result, many many people who want to vote for Ron Paul will be shut out because they think they can stay Independent or "party undeclaredand still get to vote.  They will be rudely met by voting proctors who will turn them away at the door.
On top of all of this, many states are moving their primaries up earlier and earlier this year so that a come-from-behind candidate had better do his coming-from-behind in a sprint.  Worse yet, if you call the official Secretary of State's office to find out the voting rules, you are likely to get faulty information.  In my tiny sampling of seven calls, five of the states gave out incorrect information that if relied upon, would result in that voter not being allowed to vote for Ron Paul.   The best place to get correct information is from your state's GOP. (But do not tell them who you are planning on voting for or they may make a mistake in the information.  Beware of answers that begin with "I think..."  that is almost always followed by a guess and often misinformation.   Make them do the work and find out the real dates.)  Here is one site that has some information, but please do not rely upon it as the rules may have changed by the time you read it.  It will help you find links to places to change your registration. 
It is appalling that states are allowed to change their voting rules at the last minute so most people will not hear of the change.  It is more appalling that when calling an official state office you are given incorrect information.  It is most appalling that millions of Ron Paul voters may not get to vote for their man because they didn't know the rules were switched on them.
So, for all of you Ron Paul supporters out there:  Switch now.  Hurry.  Sign up to be a Republican if you aren't already, get that official voter registration card in hand so on primary election day no one can take away your right to vote!  It doesn't matter if right now your state is an open primary state, or they claim to allow Independents to vote, they may close it tomorrow as California just did and they may give you only three weeks to make the change as New Hampshire did.  Don't take the risk.  Become Republican today.  I know this is not fair.  I know that the rules used to be different.  I know, you may not want to be a Republican but still want to vote for Ron Paul.  Please don't let your pride and their trickery get in the way of you voting for the man you want. 
And remember New Yorkers and folks from New Hampshire - You have less than two weeks left.  HURRY!  The deadline is October 12, October 12, October 12... make that your new mantra. Please tell all of your friends. 
For you Democrats out there who wanted the war to stop only to find that your party seems content on this war lasting another decade or so, Ron Paul voted against the war in the first place and would vote to stop it the minute he took office, in January of 2009.  Isn't another 15 months enough time for this war to rage on and try to end with a "win."  I know you may not want to switch parties.  But think of it this way, if you do switch, and Ron Paul loses, then that will be another Republican who abandons the party come general election day, so you can have a little taste of revenge for them making you switch parties to vote for this man.  How do you know that Ron Paul won't lie and keep this war going too?  You can trust a man to behave in the future the way he has behaved in the past. 
Protect your right to vote.  Don't let them steal the greatest man in history away from you before you have even learned about him.  Check out the to find links to many ways to learn about Ron Paul.  My favorites are the Ron Paul Library link and the You Tube videos.   
And they call this a democracy?  Ha!
Please send this article to all that you care about.  Turn this into a freedom chain letter to spread truth across the country.


Jennifer Reynolds, Special Contributor to

Originally published October 2, 2007 9:15 pm ET

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This was too funny not to post!

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Opinion: Fed Rate Cuts

I've been reading a lot about the Federal Reserve so I figure it's time for me to put in my .02 in the debate about the recent Fed interest rates drop. Therefore, there's no structure to my thoughts so I may ramble a little here.

Inflation has being going on for a long long time. Almost 100 years now since the Federal Reserve was established by congress in 1913 (see Wikipedia for a full history of the Federal Reserve I also recommend the book The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve). During this time you can actually see how the US debt has grown to a catastrophic level of $9,000,000,000,000 (link). You can also see how much your money is actually worth in value of 1800s money (link). It's really not much. I've seen that the value of the dollar from before the Fed is about $0.04 from what it was. Thank you Mr. Federal Reserve! Don't forget the $53,000,000,000,000 in entitlements the government gets to start paying to the baby boomers on January 1st 2008 (link).

Some say that the inflation by the Fed is a hidden tax. I would agree with this. That's why I get my 3% raise every year from my company to keep up with the cost of living. My savings account makes 4.25% which isn't enough to retire on for sure and to put my money in the stock market and invest in the dollar would be just crazy! Especially now with the Fed cutting rates a half a percentage point! (link)

It's crazy! What are they thinking over there in their private meetings? "Hey lets bail out the market and all the people that made bad decisions!" Whatever happened to responsibility? The Fed, from my point of view, essentially said to the middle class and the poor, "Hey we don't give a sh*t about you guys. All we care about is the market and making sure that all these poor decisions to give money to the banks at a low rate (thanks Mr. Greenspan) just to turn around and give it to people who aren't responsible enough to know they can't afford a home. But hey we know it's a huge risk for inflation and puts the dollar in jeopardy of falling world wide. However, you the 'middle class' we don't care about because we just want to make sure all these people who made stupid decisions in the first place get bailed out!" Will you find this being reported on any MSM web site anywhere? Maybe it's out there somewhere but I can't seem to find it. Although watching CNBC yesterday there was talk about "concerns" with inflation and the strength of the dollar due to the Fed cut. I did find this one opinion article that is informative (link).

I tell you it's really infuriates me! Here goes the Fed pissing off countries like China that hold $1.3 Trillion (yes that's Trillion) worth of our dollar and now due to their decision to cut rates and therefore put a ton more money into circulation is totally devaluing their investment (not to mention Americans as well) (link). They are also incentivising us to spend more and more! (link) While the interest rate drop makes saving money not nearly as attractive.

We NEED Ron Paul more than ever! With Hillary touting her new health care plan at a price tag of $110 billion a year and her saying that she would undo Bushes tax cuts on the wealthy to pay for it all (link). Something tells me that if the dollar falls and China decides to unload even part of it's $1.3 Trillion in US dollar holdings Mrs. Clinton is going to have to either get the Fed to print more money out of thin air and pay interest on that money or raise taxes even more! Therefore, this wonderful 3% raise I get every year isn't going to pay the bills. Inflation is the hidden tax and I'm so afraid it's coming soon thanks to the stupidity of the Fed. And these socialist democrats are going to tax me to death and the other republicans just want to spend spend spend to not only remove my rights but to devalue the money I earn every day.

So I say let these banks who lent money to people who couldn't afford it and let the people who knew better than take money they wouldn't be able to pay back rot. I was responsible enough to know better so why should I have to pay for their stupidity? Thanks Mr. Fed I surely appreciate how you are looking out for the middle class and the poor.

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At least someone is reporting what really happened!

Huckabee Takes Unfair Shots at Ron Paul - Markets - Market Features

Probably the best article I've read about the last Fox News debate!

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MSN Poll Ron Needs Help!

Election Guide 2008 - MSN

Click the link above to vote!! Ron needs help!

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Thursday, September 6, 2007 Paul up 50% in Poll!

Rep. Ron Paul showed the biggest gain from Grassfire’s May poll, rising from seventh position (6 percent) to a solid third position (13 percent) – more than a 50 percent increase in support among grassroots conservatives. Mike Huckabee’s support also rose, from 3 to 7 percent. “Paul’s rise shows that conservatives are not all that thrilled with the anointed front-runners,” says Elliott. “Paul’s message is resonating with many conservatives, and it would be wise for the other candidates to take note.”

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In case you missed the debate!

In case you missed the debate and some how haven't seen this yet WATCH!

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The Neocons are Klingons!

The Liberty Papers »Blog Archive » Ron Paul vs. Mike Huckabee On Iraq

I love this article just for the pure fact that the author says, "Honor? Have the Neocons turned into the Klingon Empire?"

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Proof: Fox News Censors Ron Paul!

Proof: Fox News Censors Ron Paul

Everyone knows this but check out the article for yourself!

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Monday, September 3, 2007

Does Texas Governor know Ron Paul?

GordonUnleashed » Blog Archive » Texas Governor Dissed Ron Paul

You would think that he would know of Ron Paul but apparently he doesn't.  Read the link above for more!

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Smart for a 17 kid!

Ron Paul - A Teenager's Perspective | Ron Paul 2008 Revolution - Ron Paul for President - Daily Paul

This is a really awesome story kind of scary but good!

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I'm Constantly Amazed...

I just got done writing several long posts on a message forum I visit and I'm constantly amazed at how little the "average" American really knows about their own country and the candidates running for president! Most of the people I talk too do not even realize how bankrupt our country really is and if you bring it up they call you crazy or a nut. Even when you supply them with several references to stories that have references themselves they don't go and read it they just continue to argue what they have "heard." It's so damn frustrating to have a discussion with ignorant people and people who just refuse to listen to anothers point of view.

I've talked about the Federal Reserve, the petrodollar, dollar hegemony, the fiat money system, the massive spending that our government does and the huge waste it has just to name a few things. However, people seem to have gotten stuck on the issue that Ron Paul is pro-life and they could never vote for someone who is pro-life no matter what. I just shake my head and tell them that if the dollar is undermined and isn't the currency of the world there isn't going to be a government to even enforce the right for a woman to choose. They again laugh at me and call me crazy or a nut.

I guess some people will never listen and learn.

/end rant