Monday, September 3, 2007

I'm Constantly Amazed...

I just got done writing several long posts on a message forum I visit and I'm constantly amazed at how little the "average" American really knows about their own country and the candidates running for president! Most of the people I talk too do not even realize how bankrupt our country really is and if you bring it up they call you crazy or a nut. Even when you supply them with several references to stories that have references themselves they don't go and read it they just continue to argue what they have "heard." It's so damn frustrating to have a discussion with ignorant people and people who just refuse to listen to anothers point of view.

I've talked about the Federal Reserve, the petrodollar, dollar hegemony, the fiat money system, the massive spending that our government does and the huge waste it has just to name a few things. However, people seem to have gotten stuck on the issue that Ron Paul is pro-life and they could never vote for someone who is pro-life no matter what. I just shake my head and tell them that if the dollar is undermined and isn't the currency of the world there isn't going to be a government to even enforce the right for a woman to choose. They again laugh at me and call me crazy or a nut.

I guess some people will never listen and learn.

/end rant

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