Sunday, July 8, 2007

Look Who's Spamming Now! Guiliani is! Blog: How the Rudester Came in Second

Writes Brinck Slattery: "I was going to Boston to spend the weekend with some friends (I live in CT), and since I was already up there I decided to spend Saturday at the straw poll in New Hampshire. It was a very interesting event, and the support for Ron Paul was overwhelming. Almost everyone who spoke tried to appeal to the Paul supporters at one point or another. The Romney campaign must have sent a crew up before the event, because all the little islands in the road on the way there were covered in Romney signs, but at the event itself there were only four or five people supporting him. Guiliani's campaign presence consisted of two lost-looking teenagers, most probably part of that campaign's collegiate mercenary army. Interestingly enough, Guiliani came in second place with 22 votes. How did it happen?

"The way the poll worked, you got one vote for each 15-dollar ticket you purchased. I was told that when they arrived, the Guiliani kids threw down 225 dollars, effectively purchasing 15 votes. Who's spamming the polls now?"

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