Sunday, August 5, 2007

ABC Debate Comments

Just browsing the comments on ABC's web site and came across this one that I thought was too funny!  Had to share!

Dear Mr. Stephanopoulos and ABC News, I was so excited to watch the debate this morning on ABC...thank you so much for airing it ( I only wish that it had been better publicized, because I think many people may have missed it at such an odd hour.)Thank you so much for reminding us which Presidential Candidates require our serious consideration, by pointing out their polling numbers at the beginning of the debate. It was also very thoughtful of you to allow the three fontrunners such ample opportunity to answer questions. It would have been a complete waste of time to allow "longshot" or lesser known candidates an equal chance to discuss issues in front of a national audience. I was also so glad to see that you didn't waste time on trivial issues such as immigration, privacy rights, eminent domain, government spending and usurpation of states rights by the federal government. I am sure we have all had a chance to hear Romney, McCain and Guillianni speak on all of the REALLY IMPORTANT issues. It doesn't really matter what those other "presidential candidates" think, especially since you have already clearly indicated to your viewers that those "also rans" really have no chance to win. I mean seriously, why listen to all 9 of the republican candidates when you can just concentrate on a really makes it so much easier for me. After all, we are ONLY 15 months away from the general election, anybody who would waste their time listening to those other people are just bogging down our system of democracy and wasting media coverage. Sincerly,Molly

ABC News: Republicans Come Out Swinging in Iowa; Spar on Abortion and Iraq

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