Thursday, June 7, 2007

MSNBC - Ron Paul Ranked Last "Please stop emailing us!"

12. Ron PaulTexas congressman Last Ranking: 9Just please stop e-mailing us. Thanks.

White House 2008 rankings: The Republicans - National Journal -

You see this?! Go email them! I did! :) Below is what I said.

Stop emailing? Why? What are your reasons to not listen to everyone emailing you? Why doesn't some major media outlet really write something to really EXPLAIN to all the Ron Paul supporters out there why he is continously ranked last? There's got to be some reason why he gets little air time on the debates, so little attention on web sites like your's. Please explain this to the public and I would bet you get fewer emails from everyone who supports him.

I would go on but I know you have a lot of reading to do from your story. :)

Want to email them too? Go here!

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